Meet the Team

The Newport Educational team has more than 90 years combined governance experience. A number of the team were instrumental in the design and development of the national Governor Mark award and these all are Governor Mark assessors. We are united by our passion to improve and support school governance across the UK. The team consists of:

Phil Hand founded Newport Educational in October 2009. As governor of both primary and secondary schools since 1985, Phil recognised the need to provide quality governor training in the UK, developing and supporting governors with innovative training programmes, industry-leading education events and online courses. In 1992, Phil joined Hampshire Governor Services, leading the team in the west and south-west of the county and, for four years, was manager of Warwickshire County Council's Governor Development Service. During this time, Phil played a key role in developing the Governor Mark Award. Phil is also a highly regarded speaker at numerous governor seminars and education conferences across the UK.

Wendy Evans is an experienced chair and governor trainer, and a National Governor Mark Assessor. She manages a charity and also trains people in financial management and leadership. Wendy is a Chartered Management Accountant (FCMA) and qualified teacher of adults (QTLS).

Maxine Ward is an expert in academy governance, a National Governor Mark Assessor and manages much of the Governor Mark assessment programme.

Michele Amos is an experienced chair and governor trainer previously with Hampshire County Council, and a National Governor Mark Assessor. Since 2012, Michele has worked as a consulting governance and leadership advisor with schools in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Dorset and across London.

Steve Bassett is a former primary Head teacher who provides training and consultancy through the south of England.

Daryl Boyden is Newport Educational's Administration Manager, having previously worked in senior administration for both schools and a Local Authority. Although no longer a serving governor, Daryl's experience as a former governor has been invaluable to her recent work in the area of governor training and development, a role she continues with Newport Educational.

Mary McKay led the Warwickshire County Council's Governor Development Service for 10 years. During this time, Mary was a member of the National Coordinators of Governor Services (NCOGS), judged the Governor of the Year Awards in the Midlands and was seconded to the Department for Education, serving on the Minister's Way Forward - researching models of good governance in the UK. Mary was also one of the architects of Governor Mark and remains an experienced assessor of the award. Since 2006, Mary has worked as a consulting governor trainer with schools in Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Herefordshire.